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Miitomo: Nintendo’s First F2P Mobile Title Detailed

During its latest financial results briefing, Nintendo of Japan has revealed its plans for Miimoto, the company’s first free mobile title.

Developed by DeNa, the title is more of a ‘communication’ and social app, rather than a conventional game. In Miitomo, users will create their own Mii, answer a series of questions about themselves, then let that Mii loose to blab it all to the Miis of other users whom they’ve registered as friends.

How long until Miitomo becomes a dating app? Place your bets.
How long until Miitomo becomes a dating app? Place your bets.

The goal behind Miitomo is to help people build more meaningful relationships with people they probably would never have known anything about otherwise. In their briefing, Nintendo confirmed that “more than 200 million Mii characters have been created on our platforms, which means that many people around the world understand the appeal of Mii.” Time will tell if the rest of the world outside of Japan also understands the appeal of Miitomo.

There are still no details as of yet if users will be able to import their Miis from other Nintendo systems through their Nintendo Network ID or other means. Though the game is free to download, it will also utilize in-app microtransactions.

Miitomo is scheduled to release in March 2016.

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