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Rainbow Six Siege Open Beta Starts Next Week; Gets New Trailer

An open beta for Rainbow Six Siege is scheduled for November 25-29, according to Ubisoft’s recent announcement. This will allow those interested an opportunity to try out the game on Xbox One, PS4, and PC before its upcoming December release.

Players can preload the beta onto their platform of choice beginning November 23. Those involved in the previous, closed beta will have early access to the open beta and will be able to start playing on November 24, approximately 24-hours prior.  The post states that the purpose of the beta is to test matchmaking and the online infrastructure. No progression or unlocks from the beta will carry over to the launch of the final game.

Siege Open Beta

The post also indicates that players will have access to new operators, a new Terrorist Hunt mode, a hardcore mode, and a new map. The new map is titled Kanal Industrial Harbor and all three maps included will feature both day and night versions. Interestingly, some of the content in the previous closed beta, such as Terrorist Hunt Classic mode and operator Fuze, will not be featured in the open beta.

The trailer featured below has also been released. Rainbow Six Siege is just around the corner as it is currently scheduled to arrive on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC on December 1.

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