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New Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Shows Off Battle System

A brand new gameplay trailer for the Final Fantasy VII remake just debuted at PSX, and it’s making grown men and women cry everywhere.

The trailer reveals the brand new character models for various characters, such as Cloud, Barret, Biggs, Wedge, Jessie, and others. They all look appropriately badass and incredible, and, if possible, Barret looks even more like Mr. T than ever. But more importantly, the trailer also showed a small portion of the new battle system.

The battle system appears to be some kind of hybrid of classic turn-based FFVII combat as well as perhaps a bit of the FFXIII system. Battle menus still exist, allowing commands like Attack, Item, Summon, and more. It’s hard to tell if you’ll be able to select commands for each character like in the original game, or only your party leader, like FFXIII, because the combat that is shown only shows Cloud in action.

Watch the trailer here: