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LCS Spring Split – Week 6 Round Up

It’s hard to believe there’s only 3 weeks left in the split, only 6 games left before the field is trimmed and we’re into the playoffs. That, however, is a discussion for another time. This is about looking back at the week just gone.

Fox Climbing the Ladder

Echo Fox have found their form, they picked up their first 2-0 week with wins over Liquid and Impulse. The return of their original starting lineup has ignited a winning streak, which has pushed FOX up the table and into legitimate playoff contention. The middle of the NA LCS standings just got a lot more interesting.

EU Deadlock Grows

Seriously Europe, seriously? Every time it looks like this tie at the top of the standings is set to be broken, the script gets flipped and the tie remains. This week, it escalated, growing from a 2-way tie to a 4-way tie, with Unicorns of Love and Vitality joining G2 and H2K atop the standings. With limited chances for these teams to knock each other off the top, the season could legitimately end with a tie for 1st, which is a far cry from the recent years of Fnatic running away with it, and the only battle being who comes 2nd.

Immortals Remain Immortal

Yet again Immortals won both their games this week, though not without a challenge in one of them. It’s not the game you would think either, as Renegades actually showed up against IMT, and despite eventually getting beaten, REN made IMT look human…at least for 15 minutes. Sadly for Liquid, this meant when they played Immortals on Sunday, IMT had to put these assertions to rest and convincingly dispatched TL in 27 minutes. With only 6 games left, barring a major upset, Immortals seem all but certain to be undefeated going in to the postseason.

C9 Heating Up

With any sport, the right time to get hot is a couple of weeks right before the playoffs begin. C9 are following the NY Giants model and getting absolutely white hot. Going 2-0 this week, their methodical play proved too much for NRG, and their Saturday game against TSM was a back and forth affair which was ultimately won on the back of one team fight. Jensen has developed into an amazing midlaner and while Hai is the centre piece of the team, Jensen is the most important part. When watching these games, it’s apparent that this is not the C9 of old. The addition of Rush and growth of Jensen, as well as Hai’s return to the starting roster, has transformed C9 into a far more aggressive team, which looks poised to make a deep post-season run.

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