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Microsoft Having Gears of War 4 Beta Code Distribution Problems

Gamers who played the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition were set to receive beta codes for Gears of War 4 in the order pertaining to when they played the game. These codes should have been sent out by now, but the original plan of sending the codes out has met with certain problems, namely, the codes were not distributed properly. The codes will still be sent out in large chunks beginning very soon. “Microsoft Operations had an issue this morning [April 18] with their code drop and unfortunately the codes will not be distributed in chronological order. . . As noted before, codes will be going out in waves as we ramp up out servers through the beta,” said Gears community manager Adam Fletcher on the website’s forum.

There’s plenty of time to enjoy the beta, as the full game is due for release on October 11, 2016. Until then, beta players who reach level 20 will earn this:

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