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Zombie Party Review – Fun Times Ahead

While a lot of people may find that the Indie video game market is somewhat over-saturated, and full of games that are all alike, very often, that cookie-cutter Indie title arrives that, in all its mediocrity, is still engaging and a joy to play. It doesn’t have the most original story, and it doesn’t rely on some new structure of gameplay. It’s fun because it keeps it simple, and makes a statement where it counts, with simply enjoyable gameplay.

Zombie Party isn’t attempting to reinvent the wheel, but its proof that if it isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it. The 8-bit action RPG rogue-like shooter immediately brings to mind games like Hero Siege, bit Dungeon, Hammerwatch, the newly-released Enter The Gungeon, and even Killing Floor. If you’ve played any of these titles, you may be ready to skip past this one, but you’d seriously be missing out.

Mmm, thin out their numbers…

Zombie party offers four modes of gameplay: Adventure, Dungeon, Arcade, and Deathmatch, with a choice of Normal or Hardcore difficulty. Each mode will place the player in an open area swarming with zombies, spiders, and other various enemies. In Adventure Mode, players will have to clear waves of the undead, while looting chests for different guns, ammo, and coins that can be spent at the vendor that pops up once the wave is complete. The time between waves is very short, almost too short to collect all the loot. Magic skills are also found through the level by destroying barrels and crates. Many of guns pack a nice wallop, and can cause some serious collateral damage, shaking your entire screen and sending pixels flying.

Dungeon Mode changes the game to a basic dungeon crawler. Enemies inhabit each area, and players will have to clear them out, locate the exit, and progress to the next dungeon. Player who enjoy the looting, levelling, and exploring of action RPGs will appreciate the casual aspect of this mode. Enemies are abundant, but since there are no waves, there’s no rush to loot and spend coins before the next one starts.


Arcade Mode challenges players to kill 10,000 zombies (gulp) in 5 minutes without dying. Players will frantically race around the area with an enormous horde of zombies and spiders chasing them. In Hardcore, players are given one gun, and the enemies are not only faster, but it takes more damage to kill them. It feels like a 2D version of being waist deep in zombies from Left 4 Dead and, while difficult, encourages a lot of replay.

Yeah, it’s another twin stick shooter, and you’ve seen many like it before. But even in its Alpha stage of development, Zombie Party is a solid rogue-like that’s as challenging as it is addicting. For $8, it’s well worth purchasing. Grab some friends, grab your controllers, and start the party.

Fun, familiar, and full of zombies!

Well worth the value despite its slightly derivative genre. Zombie Party is a fun time all round.


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