5 Sequels to Hope for at E3 2016

This year’s E3 presentations are less than a week away, and with every E3 comes rampant speculation regarding which new games will be announced. While new IPs are always welcome, few titles bring in the big bucks like a great sequel. Last year’s memorable announcements of the Final Fantasy VII Remake and Shenmue 3 were some of the most surprising moments of the show.

With that in mind, here are five sequels that have yet to be announced, but hopefully will be revealed next week at E3.

Rayman Reboot 3


Rayman, the lesser-known than Mario but no less fun platforming hero, make his epic return in 2011 with Rayman Origins, a reboot of the series that brought back classic, 2D sidescrolling elements combined with Ubisoft’s gorgeous UbiArt engine. Its stellar mix of beautiful visuals, glorious music, and challenging gameplay made it a modern platforming classic. Then, in 2013, Rayman Legends followed up and improved upon Origins in virtually every way.

It’s now been three years since a new Rayman game was released, not including mobile titles, and fans of old-school couch co-op games are itching for another chance to take control of the limbless hero and set off on another zany adventure.

Likeliness: Bet your limbs on it.

Sonic Adventure 3


This year marks the 25th anniversary of the once great, but now disgraced, super-fast hedgehog. Aside from some tongue-in-cheek jokes that a new Big’s Big Fishing Adventure game is in the works, SEGA has remained quiet on the matter of what the studio will do to celebrate such a momentous anniversary.

Whether it’s a new retro-style platformer like the Sonic games of old, or a brand new, 3D adventure game like 1998’s Sonic Adventure, fans of the blue speed demon have high hopes for how Sonic will be honoured for his 25th birthday. In fact, hopes are uncharacteristically high considering the form of Sonic’s recent titles, so SEGA, if you’re listening, you’d better step up in a big way.

Likeliness: As likely as Sonic’s dialogue is cheesy.

Child of Light 2


Another great title from Ubisoft, using the same art engine as Rayman Origins and Legends, but delivering a unique blend of platforming and old-school, turn-based combat, is Child of Light. It’s been two years since we met up with Aurora and Igniculus on their journey to save Lemuria and gather the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Child of Light is a suprisingly wonderful throwback to the retro era of RPGs, and (forced rhyming aside) was one of the best games of 2014. Patrick Plourde, VP Funhouse of Ubisoft Montreal, said in 2015 that more projects within the universe of Child of Light were in the works, but we have yet to see the fruits of this particular labour. With Ubisoft taking a break from Assassin’s Creed this year, now seems like the perfect time to revisit past successful projects like Child of Light (and Rayman, as mentioned previously).

Likeliness: E3 2016 without Aurora and Igniculus would simply be ridiculous.

BioShock 4


BioShock took the gaming world by storm in 2007 and made headlines as the frontrunner and easy choice for Game of the Year. Its dark and macabre setting, fascinating villain, and shocking twist made for one of the best games of its generation. Then, in 2013, BioShock Infinite was met with similar praise, especially for its characters and storyline.

The problem with BioShock 4? Irrational Games, the studio behind the previous titles, no longer exists, and 2K has been extremely quiet on the potential of a fourth game. But silence isn’t always a bad thing (again, remember the Final Fantasy VII Remake announcement that came from seemingly nowhere), and this year could be the one for a brand-new BioShock title to be announced. The series has been hugely successful and lauded as undeniably exceptional (excluding BioShock 2, of course). And if fan demand is strong enough, perhaps 2K games might just give in. It’s been three years since Infinite, and fans want it badly. Sure, they’d probably settle for a remastered trilogy, but where’s the fun in that?

Likeliness: About as probable as JD ever finishing the first BioShock game. Translation: Not likely at all.

Crash Bandicoot


Ah yes, the endless rumours and speculations about Crash Bandicoot’s glorious return continue. It’s been an interesting year for the jeans-wearing orange marsupial. From being teased on various international PlayStation social media platforms to even making his PlayStation 4 debut in glorious cameo form, he certainly has had his fair share of the spotlight considering the lack of any real announcements.

Fans were furious in December when Shawn Layden showed up to 2015’s PSX event sporting a Crash t-shirt, and speculation ran rampant that the series would be receiving a new game. Alas, no such announcement took place then, and now, six months later, we’re still waiting.

The big problem with a new Crash game is that its fans desperately want Naughty Dog to take control of the franchise and release a new title. The problem is that Naughty Dog no longer owns the rights to the famous PlayStation mascot – Activision is still holding tight to those. Though to be honest, a linear platformer like Crash is a bit beneath Naughty Dog considering the stellar reputation they’ve built for themselves for delivering amazing stories and great characters with The Last of Us and the Uncharted series. But miracles could still happen, and if the fans want it enough, the prayers of the people just might be heard.

Likeliness: About as likely as a real bandicoot strapping on jeans and sneakers.

Which games from this list, if any, do you think we’ll see at E3 2016? Are there any other games you’re hoping to see? Let us know in the comments!

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