Recore Gameplay Footage Shows off 3D Platforming Action and Various Companion Types

Comcept and Armature’s collaborative project Recore was shown off at Microsoft’s E3 show today, revealing gameplay in this new action adventure game.

As seen in last year’s announcement trailer, the gameplay footage showed off our heroine ripping spheres out of enemies with her grappling hook that’ll be used to power her robotic companions which are to take various forms. Each companion seemed to be named, with Mack, Seth, and Duncan shown off thus far. Duncan looks to be your general heavy hitting companion, while Seth (the “Escape Artist”) seems to have special environmental traversal abilities, and though Mack was dubbed the “Explorer”, this canine shaped robot didn’t do much exploring in the trailer.

Later scenes in the trailer showcased 3D platforming elements that look to even out the game’s pacing, though not much else was shown.

Despite the brief trailer, Recore got a release date for September 13th of this year.

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