Eitr Quietly Delayed to a 2017 Release, According to Devolver Digital listing

UPDATE (21/06/2016): Eneme Entertainment have since got back to us to confirm that Eitr will be delayed until an undisclosed date.

ORIGINAL STORY: Eitr has been bumped back to a 2017 release, according to a listing on publisher Devolver Digital’s website.

The progeny of indie dev Eneme Entertainment, Eitr’s beautiful 16-bit spin on the Dark Souls forumla caused quite the stir back at E3 2014. However the hardcore RPG quickly receded from public view the following year. Despite Eneme’s initial promise that the game would hit a 2016 release, the game has only made a handful of public appearances since mid-2015. (Suprisingly, however, Devolver Digital did livestream the game only last week.)

Overwhelmingly, the evidence seems to suggest that any fan hopes of a 2016 release is no longer viable. Devolver Digital’s online listing for the game confirms as much. A firm “2017” is stamped clearly next to the game’s title. With Eneme Entertainment being comprised of just two individuals, this news comes as little surprise.

Eitr Cropped Screen

Eneme have voiced their intent to try and release Eitr on Vita alongside PS4 and PC before, but, with delays abound, it looks as though a Vita iteration is (at the very least) a long ways off yet.

We have reached out to Eneme Entertainment for clarification and are awaiting comment. We will bring you any further updates as and when they happen.