Final Fantasy XIV May Head to Xbox One

Developer Square Enix and Microsoft have begun talks about bringing Final Fantasy XIV to the Xbox One. Until now, the creators have stated that the console’s lack of cross-platform play prevented the migration, however, with the feature now on the table, the project could still be derailed by another potential roadblock: Square’s MMO regulations.

Will the best version of FFXIV please stand up?
Will the best version of FFXIV please stand up?

It was Microsoft who first approached the development team about the Xbox One port, according to a statement on Polygon from FF director Naoki Yoshida. The response from Square was to question Microsoft’s experience and know-how to run an MMORPG, stating that certain elements of its regulation practices may have to be waived. The studio is currently awaiting Microsoft’s response.

In response to fan concern about PS3 support, FFXIV will be supported on the system up through the 3.x patches.

Final Fantasy XIV is currently available on Windows, PS3 and PS4.

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