Fallout 4 Creation Kit Has Been Patched Up

Earlier this week, Bethesda released a patch for Fallout 4’s Creation Kit, the PC version’s modding tools. In addition to the typical list of tune-ups, the company also made the source code for the Contraptions Workshop accessible. Mods made with the Creation Kit are playable on Xbox One, while PS4 compatibility is a work in progress.

Other than that, it's set to go.
Other than that, it’s set to go.

The full list of updates and fixes are as follows:

  • Added source scripts for Contraptions
  • Base scripts updated (it was not explained how)
  • Fixed crashing bug when changing data files or exiting the Kit
  • Fixed issue with text fields saving with terminals
  • Fixed skin texture and face data glitches
  • Material files made viable for archiving

Fallout 4 is available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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