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Beeftacular Review

Beeftacular comes from Publisher / Developer Retrific. Beeftacular is similar in many ways to their previous game, Just Get Through, which features time-trial stages, mirroring what you will face here. The goal is simply to destroy the rotten chunks of beef in each level in mere seconds. Players will take on the role of a fresher chunk of beef, and can accomplish the destruction of the older chunks via projectiles, weapons and the level itself. Beeftacular has been stated to be inspired by 10 Seconds Ninja, though it also appears to be inspired by Super Meat Boy as well.

Only a billion more to go…

The game is welcoming to all range of players, though the difficulty can increase notably as the game progresses. The initial levels are fairly simple and allow you to get a handle on the controls: moving left and right, jumping, and attacking. This can be done via the keyboard, however Beeftacular also comes with full controller support. The controls themselves are quite fluid and responsive. Each jump and attack is quick and right on point, which help each level seem both challenging and fun. It does make it very hard to blame the game if you mess up, though. Just know you can restart the level by clicking ‘R’.

Content wise, there is a lot to see and experience in Beeftacular. With over one hundred levels, a function to create your own levels and unlockable secrets and modes, such as the Speedrun Mode, players won’t tire of Beeftacular quickly. It presents a challenge that continues to escalate the further you get in, and things do get tough but stay fair. The game will test every bit of your reflexes and the skills you pick up along the way, so be ready for those later levels. There are hidden secrets in some levels as well, and custom skins you can use to change the game up a bit. If you aren’t a fan of blood, you can simply switch skins to turn that off. The level creator / editor function will also let you play around and test your skills in any style that suits you. It’s easy to spend quite a bit of time just creating levels, and it is one of the more fun parts of Beeftacular.

The art design of Beeftacular has that retro feel to it that makes it cartoonishly charming. With fitting particle effects, a color palette that suits a meat locker, and the adorable sprites you have to mow down, the game has its own style. You can also switch skins, as stated before, to make things more colorful or suited to your liking as you see fit.

Delicious red goo
Delicious red goo

In addition to the art, the sound design is bouncy and upbeat, despite the carnage your character is creating. It makes for a very happy-go-lucky atmosphere that contrasts well with the gameplay. The sound effects are also pretty silly, but satisfying and fit right in.

Beeftacular is a simple game that has a lot to offer. With its cartoonish style, straightforward and responsive gameplay and balanced challenge, it makes a great game for those who want to test their wits and speed. If there is a downside, it is that the game might not be the friendliest for casual gamers as it progresses. Building up skill in the earlier stages will surely prep players for the advanced difficulty, so don’t be discouraged! That ‘R’ button is sure to get worn down. It doesn’t quite qualify as a rage game, but it can come close at times. Still, it is a fun game and one that is well made. Give it a shot and see how quickly you can beat the meat.

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