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Wii U One Step Closer to Permanent CFW/Homebrew as Encryption Keys Cracked

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Nintendo’s Wii U may soon be permanently modifiable to allow users to play homebrew and pirated games, after researchers today released a solution to access the console’s encryption keys.

While playing homebrew on the Wii U via its SD card slot has been possible for a number of months, every method discovered so far has required users to trigger the exploit upon every system restart. Now, a permanent solution such as custom firmware may now be possible, after hackers on the forums shared their method to access the console’s one-time programmable memory (OTP).

By downloading a .ELF file uploaded by the researchers and running it on their Wii U using one of the existing homebrew launchers, users are able to receive a readout of their console’s OTP, which contains console-specific encryption and decryption keys, amongst others. While this information may seem insignificant on its own, it is proof that the kernel of the console’s operating system, IOSU, has been accessed and modified; potentially paving the way for users to be able to run unsigned apps and games with the help of custom firmware in the future.

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  • Nintendians

    well the wii u is not doing well, nintendo might catch on this try to disable it by updates if they want too.

    • Amber

      That’s where DNS comes in. People use DNS to block any communication towards the Nintendo servers, thus avoiding any future updates. People either use Tubehax or OpenDNS. The only thing that isn’t blocked is online play. So it’s futile for Nintendo to fix this now. The least they can do is stop newcomers from exploiting their system.

      • Nintendians

        yea, eventually nintendo will find out like they did to the wii.