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Crytek Confirms Robinson: The Journey Play Length, PS4 Pro Enhancements

Robinson: The Journey

The estimated play time gamers will get from the upcoming PS VR title Robinson: The Journey has been confirmed by developer Crytek, who also announced PS4 Pro support for the game.

In response to a number of fan questions regarding the explorative adventure game, the German studio – best known for creating the Far Cry and Crysis series – confirmed that The Journey will run between three and five hours for most users’ first playthrough.

Crytek later went on to announce that the title will take advantage of the improved performance offered by the PS4 Pro, which is scheduled to release two days after the game launches next month.

Robinson: The Journey promises to offer players “an unparalleled sense of presence” in a game world, as they take on the role of a young boy who has crash-landed on a mysterious planet.

In related news, despite Crytek announcing a price-point of $59.99 for the title yesterday, online retailer Amazon currently has it listed at $39.99; offering players a substantial saving off of MSRP.

Robinson: The Journey is scheduled to release exclusively for PS4 and PlayStation VR on November 8 in North America; the PS4 Pro follows on November 10.

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