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WWE 2K17 Quietly Adds New Finishing Move Animations

AJ Styles WWE 2K17

While the list of changes for the recent WWE 2K17 patch 1.02 was rather exhaustive, users are continuing to notice a number of stealthy additions that publisher 2K Games failed to disclose.

Significantly, an all-new animation for superstar AJ Styles’ finishing move, the Phenomenal Forearm, is now available in the grappling sim’s create-a-moveset mode. Upon the game’s launch, players had complained that the current WWE World Champion’s iconic manoeuvre appeared to be little more than a reskinned version of UK wrestler Neville’s forearm smash from last year’s instalment. Now, however, the finisher looks much more authentic, and can be assigned to Styles via the game’s aforementioned creation suite, where it is listed as Phenomenal Forearm 2.

On a related note, WWE veteran Randy Orton’s trademark back suplex onto the ringside barricade has also been stealthily added to the game, and can be assigned to the star the same way as the Phenomenal Forearm. The manoeuvre was present as a secret move in WWE 2K16, but was curiously absent on 2K17’s launch.

Have you noticed any other quiet additions to the game since the release of its latest title update? Let us know in the comments below.

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