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WWE 2K17’s Latest Patch Introduces Bug Where Referee Won’t Count Pinfalls

WWE 2K17 Brock Lesnar

WWE 2K17 received an extensive title update this week that fixed a plethora of bugs in the pro wrestling sim – but it also appears to have introduced a fairly major one of its own.

Scores of users are reporting via social media and 2K Games’ official forums that many of their matches are being rendered unfinishable due to the in-game referee failing to recognise pinfall attempts, and subsequently not issuing a count. While the bug isn’t happening in every match-up, it does seem to be happening at an alarming rate – and it only appears to have been occurring since the latest game patch.

The only options when the issue occurs are to either attack the referee, which seems to make him occasionally spring it to action, or restart the match entirely.

Some players have suggested the problem is most prevalent following a rivalry cutscene in WWE 2K17’s Universe mode, but we at Power Up Gaming have also experienced the issue on a number of occasions in Exhibition matches, too. So far, 2K Games’ suggestion to those affected is to clear their console’s cache – though this seems to provide little respite.

Have you been affected by this issue, or any other bugs in WWE 2K17? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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