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Scary Humans, an ’80s Horror Game for the Kids, Set for Greenlight Launch

Scary Humans

Gabhel Studios, a development studio founded in 2013, is trying its hands at horror with a new game entitled Scary Humans.

Set to launch on Steam Greenlight in less than a month, this new take on horror puts the player in the shoes of a harmless little alien named Mrgrt, who was captured by humans and brought upon a cryogenic space vessel used for testing and experimentation.

The goal of the game is to run from the mean old humans, level up, and escape the vessel, all while the difficulty increases as time goes on. Scary Humans is procedurally generated, which should allow for the player to have a new experience with each play-through.

Gabhell Studios is known for both educational and casual games, with quite a few games being published in the short 3 years of operation. The game claims to be “crazy hard”, with the game becoming “scarier with each time you play.” The game does set a nice cheesy ’80s horror movie feel that should prove both nostalgic for older gamers and interesting to the new generation.

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