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2K Games Defends Offering WWE 2K17 ‘Exclusive’ Pre-order Incentive Goldberg Pack For Sale

WWE 2K17

WWE 2K17 publisher 2K Games has gone on the defensive after receiving criticism over its announced release of pre-order incentive Goldberg Pack as a paid DLC.

Users who pre-ordered WWE 2K17 received the recently returned superstar Goldberg as an in-game character for free, alongside two classic arenas associated with the Georgia native: WCW Halloween Havoc and WCW Monday Nitro. Earlier this week, however, 2K confirmed it plans to launch the pack to all users on November 8, at the price point of $4.99 – and the WWE Universe isn’t happy about it.

While some users have spoken of their excitement at getting to play as Goldberg in the game ahead of his return WWE match against Brock Lesnar, a resounding majority are disappointed – either due to 2K’s pricing strategy for one in-game character, or the fact that those who pre-ordered the game feel as though their ‘exclusive’ reward should have lasted for longer.

Taking again to Twitter, the official WWE Games account challenged one user who said there was “no point” to pre-ordering a WWE game in the future if their incentive was available to all players.

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