Esports News PC’s Overwatch Integration Offers Automated Highlights & Full-Match Replays


Video game clip sharing website has today announced Blizzard’s Overwatch as the latest title to benefit from its Automated Highlights integration.

Starting today, the client will automatically capture and tag players’ matches, allowing them to watch and edit full game replays, as well as every elimination, death, resurrection and Play of the Game.

These highlights can then be easily edited in-app by the user, before being shared through the website to social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.

The tagging system will also extend to the site itself, allowing players to search through the site’s library of Overwatch videos and sort by match, skill and rank of individual players, heroes, eliminations or deaths.

In a press release, Dennis Fong, founder and CEO of, said: “With this integration, Overwatch players now get an easy to use replay system and a simple way to find the best moments from their games and share them.

“With thousands of Overwatch clips shared daily on, fans will find a near endless amount of entertaining, high-skilled clips for their favorite heroes.”

Meanwhile, some e-sports players are keen to take advantage of the integration to learn new play strategies. Owner of pro e-sports group Team SoloMid, Andy Dinh, said: “Our coaches and players use almost every single day.

“It’s been an indispensable, self-learning tool for our League of Legends team, and I have no doubt it’ll be incredibly valuable to Overwatch players as well.”

Some of the games that already offer Automated Highlights functionality include League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League and Dota 2. boasts 12 million monthly users, and currently plays host to over 200,000 individual Overwatch gameplay videos.