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Square Enix Trademarks Fantasy Earth Genesis in Europe

Fantasy Earth Genesis

Square Enix may be planning to bring out a new version of its Japanese MMO Fantasy Earth: Zero, after the publisher this week filed a European trademark for Fantasy Earth Genesis.

According to the European Union Intellectual Property Office, the studio has applied for a trademark for the title in Nice classes nine and 41. These cover a broad range of goods and services, but most significantly, video game software and online video games.

Fantasy Earth: Zero originally launched in Japan back in 2006, and is still played to by a significant number of users to this day. It received a North American localisation in 2010, but remained online in the country for less than a year.

The title is a third-person action RPG, with a heavy emphasis on player-versus-player on a large scale; dubbed ‘kingdom-versus-kingdom’. Fantasy Earth: Zero originally launched with a subscription model, before Square Enix transferred the publishing rights to GamePot, who turned it into a free-to-play game.

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  • ねるねるねる

    There are some reasons why player stop playing. Firstly, Square Enix forced Gamepot to add new some classes – Fencer and Cestus and large blade and gun. a lot of player complained about them but Square Enix didn’t remove them. Secondary, There were many problems in the game – matching, balance between classes, collision detection. nevertheless they didn’t resolve them and were crazy for collecting money and then they used a few stupid videos – Female Eizou Zukan, Saoririsu. a lot of player were disgusted and stop playing game.

    Now, GM Utiyama has been trying to make good game but it hasn’t been success because the boss of him is blocking him.

    • Samurninsai

      Yeah there were problems, though it was a ton of fun. It didn’t last forever. Though I think with a graphics upgrade, some better optimization, new mechanic and server it could be more popular than ever.

      • ねるねるねる

        i think it could not be popular because Square enix failed to management Ring of dominion like fez but they didn’t learn the reason and do same thing now .

        if you can read japanese please google lova サービス終了 and スクエニ 運営 下手(they failed to managemet lova and many mobile games like fez)

  • Samurninsai

    This could be super exciting, or completely disappointing. The Original was super fun, had a great map and a player base when I played. I would like to see a remake, remaster and rework of the game. I think it could be done better now also, with all the tech upgrades.

    • ねるねるねる

      I’m also exciting because a lot of problem — matching, 175, rag — will be resovled by expert team who know about the game more than player. but the realilty is cold. a developer and support and mangemnet team does not know the game at all so i think it will stop to run the game instantly. Squar Enix mangemented the game befrore eleven years ago but twas closed instantly because their management skill was very rough. Gamepot bought the game. they
      rebuilt the game for a long time and they eraned a lot of money due to many their efforts. Square Enix that heard it stealed it from gamepot and broke it. Now, a lot of user stops to play the game.