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Developer Considers Harmonix Music VR Feature-Complete; No New Content Planned

Harmonix Music VR

Developer Harmonix has ‘no plans’ to expand on its virtual reality music visualiser Harmonix Music VR, it has today confirmed.

During a Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) session held earlier, Harmonix Music VR’s product manager Nick Mudry also confirmed the studio is not planning on bringing its popular rhythm game Amplitude to PlayStation VR.

As users grew increasingly frustrated at being told Harmonix had no further updates – not even widely expected PS4 Pro enhancements – in the pipeline for the $14.99 game, its developers were forced on the defensive. HMVR code lead Mike Mandel said: “We are collecting everything the community is asking for, and continue to prioritise it against our current development commitments and studio project plans”, while creative lead Jon Carter added: “Frankly there are only so many ways we can say ‘no plans right now’, which is the only responsible answer, given where we’re at.”

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