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Obsidian ‘Would Love’ to Make Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic III or Next Fallout Game

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic III

Obsidian Entertainment, the developers of the critically acclaimed Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, ‘would love’ to create a sequel for the game, it has today confirmed.

During a Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) session held earlier, the studio also expressed similar enthusiasm about returning to Bethesda’s Fallout series, having previously developed 2010’s Fallout: New Vegas.

When questioned on the possibility of the California-based developer working on Knights of the Old Republic III, Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart joked: “If you could pitch EA on that for us, I’d be your friend for life,” while social media manager Mikey Dowling added: “The title is out of our hands as EA has the license for the games. We’d love to return to the galaxy far, far away if we had the chance!”

Curiously, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3 was originally being developed in-house at LucasArts around the time of the second game’s release, although it was ultimately cancelled as part of wide-ranging cuts in the company.

Meanwhile, in response to a question on whether Obsidian had been contracted to work on the next title in Bethesda’s Fallout series, Uquhart stated: “We are not, but we would love to work on another Fallout… It was awesome to make Fallout: New Vegas, as it was to work on Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 as well.”

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  • LordCancer Kain

    i don’t think ea is interested in making kotor III or jade empire both of which id buy. i actually do not think ea will make a good star wars game. i also think jade empire is dead. unfortunately with the doctors gone and under ea we will not see bioware do new ip or revist a niche ip like jade empire. its going to be dragon age and mass effect flip flopped until they stop selling and ea closes bioware.

    obsidian should just make there own sci-fi-rpg-opus and let disney and jj abrams run star wars into the ground where it belongs.

    • Gavin

      JJ abrams made a fantastic star wars movie that many people loved and in fact they brought star wars up from the ground

      • LordCancer Kain

        it was another god awful jj train wreck, this guy makes terrible movies and runs every franchise he touches into the ground. if you liked it its because you are a moron.

  • Sharpe

    KOTOR II was so badly made, I can’t imagine why anyone would want the developers of it to make anything. Set aside the broken glitches littered throughout the game, or the cut content that gets referenced literally everywhere, or the last 10 hours of game play that have no story or content and is just a slog through an enemy base.

    The game had a serious leveling problem – in that the AI Enemies were all level adjusted based on where you were at, but the Bosses were all fixed and expected you to be at a specific point in character development.

    It’s just a broken game.

    They might want to make it – but I sure wouldn’t want to play it.

    • JediJulius

      I completely disagree with you, especially when you add in the Restored Content mod. Even without the Restored Content, I enjoyed KOTOR 2 far more than I did KOTOR 1. The darker, less black and white story was much more welcome than the light/dark of many Star Wars games.

      I’d also be game for Obsidian making a new Fallout, as New Vegas was fantastic.

    • Madria

      Agreed, KOTOR2 was an unfinished mess and it barely felt Star Wars at all.

    • p4v7

      Kotor II is the best piece of SW lore I ever had in my hands apart from Zahn’s books. Even without Restored Content mod I loved it.

    • StillCantBanMe

      The things you’re talking about had little to do with them. “Hey here’s the date, shove it out the door. No, as is.”

      • Sharpe

        This is not their fault, how, exactly? If they were unable to meet the deadline and did not know that until the release date, that is (at beast) a failure in management. If they knew sooner, and didn’t do anything about it, they are still responsible for not taking steps to ensure they could meet their requirements.

        As a software developer I don’t let software go out the door with my name on it unless I’m proud to put my name on it.

        So once again, Obsidian might want to make it – but I don’t think it would be worth playing if it came from them.

        • StillCantBanMe

          You’re right. If I tell you “make game X” and you say “ok”, and then as you’re working on it you suddenly get a release date that is very soon and not within timeframe of completing what was approved without a release date, they should of course finish it! And of course if they can’t finish it, they should do other things, because it’s not like that ALSO takes time!

          YOU might not let software go out the door, but YOU aren’t an entire company under orders. YOU wouldn’t get to choose not to put out KOTOR 2. If I hire you to do something and I tell you you’re finished and it needs to ship, you do what I tell you to.

          • Sharpe

            You should do some reading here:

            And here (this one from a developer):

            It’s very clear that Obsidian bit off more then they could chew. Lucas Arts came to them and said, “How about a Star Wars RPG?” and they saw Dollar Signs. They changed the development schedule (which, in the second link I’ve provided, you can read is trying to be explained away to be ‘more efficient’ from what Obsidian was used to.

            If you’re a shop that has a plan that works, and an outside developer hires you, and you change your plan to one that (obviously) doesn’t work, the fault is on you for not stipulating in your contract that you are going to manage the build process. I’ve seen this mistake time, and time again.

            The first link is much more interesting and goes into some of the background for the E3 show that supports my working theory that the Management at Obsidian is the problem: They initially requested a huge block of time at E3, and then when they were told they could only have a fraction of the time they wanted, they had to struggle to get a completed presentation ready for even a fraction of the time.

            This just smacks of management that has no idea how to manage a software development project and is incapable of placing realistic timelines against a project and it’s development scope.

          • StillCantBanMe

            And you should do some reading too-there was no ship date, and then it was planted VERY close to what they were told it was. I can cycle to the next city over if you tell me to-if you tell me once I’m halfway there to have it done in the next half hour, I can’t do it. But hey, you’re a nobody software developer, I’m sure you know better than legendary professionals, they should call you! What’s on your AAA title work history?


    Quality of KotOR II aside…didn’t the development team at BioWare say at one point in time that Star Wars: the Old Republic *IS* KotOR III? Specifically, the Jedi Knight storyline? If so, then the part of the fanbase asking for a single-player KotOR III really needs to suck it up and find something else to fantasize about.

    • StillCantBanMe

      of course it is, it continues stories and events directly.