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Total War Veteran Releases Retro Twin-Stick Shooter Captain Kaon on Steam Early Access

In a love letter to 1980s vector graphics games, developer Engage Pixel has released retro twin-stick gravity shooter, Captain Kaon, on Steam Early Access, with plans for a full PC launch in 2017.

Inspired by seminal Spectrum and Amiga games like Thrust and Gravitar, the UK-based developer wanted its classic sci-fi, tilt/thrust-based game to be a celebration of the forgotten twin-stick gravity genre.

Engage Pixel founder and former Creative Assembly veteran James Buckle said in a press release that he has long wanted to bring the neglected genre he played “the pants off” as a kid back to life with updated, vibrant Amiga-style pixel art and tight control mechanics. On reviving the genre, he said:

“I got an old second hand ZX Spectrum when I was a kid, which was when I first learned to code and make games. One of my favourites was Thrust; I loved having to manoeuvre your ship through the caves and pick off the bad guys. It was a style of game I adored which you just don’t see anymore and I realised there is a whole generation who hasn’t played these exceptional games. Captain Kaon takes the best bits from this classic genre and brings them into the 21st century”.

The game features a campaign mode that can be played with both twin-stick or 360-degree mouse aim.

Captain Kaon can be nabbed for $6.99 / €6.99 / £4.99 in all countries right now on Steam Early Access.

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