Sega Unveils New Dark Souls-Inspired IP Soul Reverse

Soul Reverse

During its keynote at the Sega Fes 2016 expo in Tokyo, Sega has unveiled the company’s latest original IP, Soul Reverse.

Developed for the arcades by Sega’s AM2 division, Soul Reverse seems heavily inspired by the dark fantasy role-playing and high-intensity combat of From Software’s Dark Souls franchise. The game’s title is a bit of a giveaway, too.

While little is known about Soul Reverse’s core gameplay, Sega stated that the arcade version of the game is approximately 70 percent complete. While it didn’t officially confirm a future release on home consoles, you can surely expect to see the franchise make the jump should it prove successful. You can view the first trailer for the RPG in the video below.

As a footnote, the company quietly announced a turn-based mobile predecessor to the title, Soul Reverse Zero, last month – which officially launches for iOS in Japan today.

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