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WWE 2K17 Legends Pack Now Live on PS4 and Xbox One


A week after being accidentally leaked on the Xbox One Store, WWE 2K17’s Legends Pack DLC is now live on PS4 and Xbox One – hopefully for good this time.

Users in Europe and the UK are able to download the pro wrestling sim’s latest add-on content right now via their console’s online storefront; it will be rolling out in North America later in the day. Clocking in at just over a single MB in size, the pack is effectively an unlock item for the title; it is believed the game’s last major patch contained the majority of assets required by the expansion.

The Legends Pack retails at $8.99, while WWE 2K17 season pass holders can download it at no additional cost. The add-on bolsters the game’s playable roster with pro wrestling legends Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, Eddie Guerrero, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, Sycho Sid and Tatanka – as well as all of their associated moves, attires and theme music.

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  • Jay Barkley

    So wwe 2k17 legends dlc is free with season pass ya right that’s why I see it for 11.99 yet it says included with season pass

    • Chris Mawson

      It is included in the season pass. Are you sure you’re on the right version of the store and logged in correctly?

      • Jay Barkley

        All good ps store was updated and it’s now free

  • Rod Gapely

    I have the season pass, and the legends pack is only available for purchase on my screen. Help!

  • YRD

    Sid vicious and bill goldberg! Might have to purchase.