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Watch Dogs 2’s Multiplayer Ruined by Game-breaking Exploit; Dev Confirms Patch & Other Changes

Watch Dogs 2

Two weeks on from its release, and Watch Dogs 2’s seamless online multiplayer feature is finally online. However, it appears as though developer Ubisoft Montreal has overlooked a completely game-breaking exploit that anyone can pull off.

Watch Dogs 2 saw the introduction of the new NetHack feature, a ‘sixth sense’ ability that players can activate by pressing R3, allowing protagonist Marcus Holloway to scout out various items and locations of interest, which are clearly highlighted in orange.

While this ability is certainly useful in the game’s single-player mode, players soon determined that it could be used during online interactions – with ridiculously game-breaking results.

In the title’s online hacking competitive mode – effectively a high-tech version of hide and seek – players must stealthily invade another person’s game, initiating a hack on their device without being caught.

While this is supposed to involve a frantic search for their opponent as time runs out, due to the exploit players can simply enter NetHack mode and see the outline of their hacker highlighted in orange – instantly giving the assailant’s position away and surely bringing a swift end to the current game.

Ubisoft community developer Chase Straight, known to Reddit users as electr1cpanda, took to the game’s subreddit earlier today to confirm the team were aware of the exploit, adding that it will be fixed in a forthcoming patch:

“Yes, this is something we’ll be fixing in an upcoming patch. Our Senior Producer just came to my desk while I was reading this thread to proactively tell me before I even had a chance to ask.

We’ll be making some other tweaks to the online gameplay as well.”

On a related note, many Watch Dogs 2 players have been taking to social media to complain that the game’s online hacking mode does away with the one-minute initiation period at the start of invasions. According to Straight, this was a deliberate design choice, may potentially be changed depending on player feedback:

“This was a design decision that was inteded to balance the W/L ratio between attackers and victims. We’ll continue monitoring the data, and your feedback, to see if this achieves the intended goal (and adjust if necessary). For now, you can also try using the drone to initiate the hack from a further distance/better hiding place.”

Has Watch Dogs 2 met your expectations so far? Have your say in the comments below.

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  • RabbitFly

    There must be more to this exploit because I have been hacked several times and the hacker is always the same color as the rest of the npcs until I actually profile him/her.