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DICE Claims Battlefield 1 Patch Made No PS4 Pro-Specific Changes; Still Investigating Performance Issues


Battlefield 1 developer DICE has today claimed the game’s recent title update made no changes to the PS4 Pro version of the game, despite numerous reports to the contrary.

The studio has been conducting an internal investigation over the last several weeks after users reported the first-person shooter was suffering from a considerable post-patch visual performance degradation on Sony’s upgraded console, in addition to performance issues on PC and the base PS4. In a statement released earlier today, producer Nils Hallberg updated players on DICE’s findings:

“We are constantly reproducing any issues highlighted by our Battlefield community with identical setups here at DICE in order to legitimize them and then identify how best to fix them, including any related to the recent Battlefield 1 Fall Update. We did want to confirm that there were no changes incorporated that are specific to the PS4 Pro.”

Hallberg went on to suggest that players changing their FOV settings may have affected general graphical performance – although this is not console- or patch-specific.

The developer’s statement comes after fellow producer David Sirland asked affected players to send comparison videos and screenshots to DICE for analysis:

“If you have a PS4 Pro, and see these issues – I would like to request a video captured on a PS4 Pro from the desert location shown in some screenshot comparisons, go there and stand still looking at the shadow texture for a minute or two.”

In a recent tweet, Hallberg reassured players that despite their findings, “[DICE] are still investigating” the apparent issue.

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