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Rez Infinite’s Limited Physical Release Finally Shipping; Users Unhappy with Quality


Users are finally starting to receive their limited physical copy of Rez Infinite from iam8bit, almost two months later than expected.

However, even with the considerable delay in production, a significant number of those who have received their game are unhappy with its final build quality. Most significantly, users have pointed out that the game’s cover varies significantly from the concept art used to advertise the limited release on iam8bit’s official store – with the foil/holographic-effect logo nowhere to be seen.

You can compare the two covers side-by-side, with the image of the final product coming via Twitter user ShaneWatch.

In a thread dedicated to discussing the release on video games forum NeoGAF, users have been expressing further disappointment over the fact that the disc itself seems to have somewhat inferior printing, with the label being off-centre and of poor quality. Others have complained that the game’s cover is not reversible and contains no inserts or other information whatsoever (thanks to users Yian Garuga and v0yce for the following images):

V0yce was particularly unhappy with the quality of the game he received, describing it as resembling a “bootleg” release:

“Unfortunately it looks exactly like the pictures shown. No foil or special printing. No art on the inside aside form the GIGANTIC safety warning message.

It honestly looks like it was printed on a home printer.

Not sure how well it shows in the picture below, but that white ring near the bottom isn’t a reflection or something, it’s where the label was cut poorly and that’s just the plain white paper showing. They didn’t even give it a proper bleed.

The disk art/label is a bit ragged all around and if you can see in the top right corner here there’s a noticeable defect or something odd going on. The whole thing just feels really underwhelming and cheap. If I would have bought this off ebay I would have thought it was a bootleg.

I realize this wasn’t positioned as an expensive collector’s edition or something, but after their pricey shipping this was $50+ dollars. Added to that the months delay and I feel this is really unacceptable. This is seriously dollar store effort here and it’s such a shame for an amazing game built with incredible care and craft.”

Rez Infinite is an enhanced port of the 2001 critically acclaimed rail shooter Rez for the PS4 and PSVR, and was originally released back on October 13.

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  • Claude

    Haven´t ordered my copy yet. Was a bit shocked by the bad overall quality of the physical copy. Does anybody know, if the quality upgrade is for the disk art/label aswell? Thanks.