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Pokemon Sun and Moon TCG Officially Revealed, Release Date Announced

Today, the Pokémon Company revealed the artwork of the next expansion, Sun and Moon, in the ever-popular Pokémon Trading Card Game. Along with the design, it was announced that the Sun and Moon series would be coming to players’ hands on February 3, 2017, both physically, and virtually, with the Pokémon TCG Online also getting the new expansion.

With every new Pokémon TCG players get access to new and useful Pokémon; a few highlights from the newest expansion are all the new Alolan regions starters, Legendary’s Solgaleo and Lunala, a new card-type in GX, and of course an all-new card design. Speaking specifically, there will be more than 40 new Pokémon to play and discover their abilities with, as well as the new Alolan-forms of Pokémon to find and collect. The full card lineup will feature over 149 cards.

Along with new cards come new, 60-card pre-constructed theme-decks. The Sun and Moon series will feature three new decks, aptly named Forest Shadow, Roaring Heat, and Bright Tide, to give players a chance to become familiar with the new creatures and items in play, will also presenting a way to get Rowlet’s, Litten’s, and Popplio’s evolutions from the games instantly.

The new booster packs are set to go on sale on early 2017, and will release in the Pokemon TCG Online the same day. All of the Pokemon TCG Online cards will also be found in the Pokemon TCG Online App, available from the Google Play and App Store. If you’d like to get your hands on the Japanese versions those are available now following their December 9 release. Will you be picking up any of the new cards? Share your reactions in the comments below.

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