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Super Mario Run Estimated to Receive Half a Billion Downloads, $500m in Revenue by Q3 2017

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run, which releases on iOS devices today, will generate half a billion dollars in revenue for Nintendo by the third quarter of 2017.

That’s according to investment banking firm Jefferies, whose technology expert Atul Goyal also believes the mobile title will generate up to $140 million in its first month alone. In a note released to investors earlier, he stated:

“We believe Super Mario Run revenues would exceed market expectations (of c. $70m in first month) potentially by 100%. Additional drivers are – incremental upside from Switch; weaker ¥, Nintendo’s willingness to bring IP treasure to mobile.”

Jefferies believes the game will shift 500 million free downloads by the third quarter of next year, with 10 percent of all players paying the $9.99 to unlock its full feature set.

On the back of its forecast, the firm also valued Nintendo shares at 39,200 yen; an upside of approximately 40 percent.

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