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How Good is Star Wars: Rogue One?


Now that that’s taken care of, welcome to a giant Star Wars MegaCast from The Gentleman’s Pantry. Rogue One hit theatres this week, and we share our thoughts on the first ever Star Wars spinoff film. We also talk about some memories of our favourite Star Wars video games, what Star Wars Battlefront 2 needs to have, and what we hope to see from Star Wars Episode VIII.

The Force is with us, and we are with the Force.

Sincere gratitude goes out this week to Mariachi Entertainment System, 24Violins, and David Peña for hooking us up with some gorgeous Star Wars tunes to use in this week’s episode. Check the show notes for links to their music and YouTube

The Throne Room by Mariachi Entertainment System
Popurri Star Wars by David Peña
Rey’s Theme by 24Violins

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The Gentleman’s Pantry is recorded by JD Schmidt and Scott Russell in Alberta, Canada, and County Down, Northern Ireland. Edited by JD Schmidt. Theme music created by JD Schmidt. Background music this week provided by Mariachi Entertainment System, 24Violins, and David Peña. 

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