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Epic May Have Unreal Tournament Running on the Nintendo Switch

Epic Games may have a prototype version of its upcoming crowdsourced Unreal Tournament reboot running on the Nintendo Switch, according to recently discovered source code.

Hours after finding Unreal Engine 4 graphic presets for Nintendo’s upcoming hybrid console in the Unreal Engine 4 GitHub repository – seemingly confirming reports that the console will output video at 1080p when docked and 720p when undocked – software developer ‘M3d10n’ has discovered new evidence suggesting that the developer has a prototype version of the first-person shooter running on the Switch.

Several lines of source code in the UE4 master branch refer to ‘Wolf UT’, which at first glance may appear rather innocuous. However, considering that every instance of Wolf, WolfSea and WolfAir were recently renamed to Switch, SwitchConsole and SwitchHandheld, respectively, points to the fact that Wolf was an internal codename for the console at Epic.

The relevant changes are as follows:

Change 3141916 on 2016/09/27 by Josh.Adams

– Worked around compile issues (at least with Wolf UT). This is well documented in a Jira (UE-29925)

Change 3134544 on 2016/09/21 by Josh.Adams

– Reduced UT textures for Wolf

Of course, it could be that Epic is simply using a prototype version of the shooter for internal testing purposes on the Switch; there’s currently no concrete evidence that it plans to release a full version of the title for the console.

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