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Nintendo Seeks User Feedback on Super Mario Run Price; Gauges Interest in Sequel

Nintendo has contacted a number of early Super Mario Run players to gather feedback on the game’s $9.99 price point, while also gauging player interest in a potential sequel.

In a survey sent earlier today to selected users who have linked their My Nintendo account to the recently released mobile title, the company asked a range of questions on the side-scrolling auto-runner.

Most significantly, Nintendo asked players the highest amount they would be willing to pay for the full version of Super Mario Run – suggesting the gaming giant may be reconsidering the title’s $9.99 unlock price, which has attracted a fair amount of criticism.

Another question of note gauged user interest in a sequel to Super Mario Run, asking players if they would purchase such a title if it were to be released.

Super Mario Run is the first mobile game to feature Nintendo’s iconic plumber mascot, and is currently available for iOS devices; an Android release is set to follow in 2017.

The company recently confirmed that the title amassed over 40 million downloads in it first four days of being available to download via the app store.

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