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Users Exploit Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare to Accrue Hundreds of Loot Boxes and All Rare Items

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Cover

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s 12 Days of Winter in-game giveaway was temporarily halted yesterday, after users exploited a bug with day two’s reward to accrue up to tens of thousands of keys, which were then exchanged for hundreds of loot boxes.

It may be the season to be giving, but developer Infinity Ward didn’t intend on being quite so generous.

The studio has been dishing out small in-game rewards this holiday season as part of the promotion, and the item in question was a supply drop that provided players with 20 keys – one of the first-person shooter’s main currencies. However, in an eerily similar fashion to yesterday’s Watch Dogs 2 exploit, some players discovered a method that allowed them to access the drop an indefinite number of times.

In turn, these users began redeeming their keys for rare supply drops, with many soon acquiring all of the game’s epic variants in a matter of minutes.

After learning of the bug, Infinity Ward temporarily took the game’s servers offline on Xbox One and PS4 while it fixed the issue and took back any ill-gotten gains from opportunistic users.

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