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Halo Wars 2 Character Renders, Music and Voice Lines Leaked After Beta Data Mined

Halo Wars 2

A number of previously unseen assets for the upcoming Halo Wars 2 have been leaked, after a hacker discovered unencrypted packages contained in the data files for the game’s ongoing beta.

Gamecheat13, a prominent figure in the Halo modding and hacking scene, has been releasing his findings over the past several days via social media, which include character renders, background music, and a number of voice lines – including those used in the real-time strategy title’s campaign.

In addition to providing users with a glimpse at new player models, armour types and dialogue, the leak also seems to suggest that Joseph Staten, who co-wrote the first three main series Halo titles and recently returned to Microsoft Studios, is set to return to once again provide Grunt voices. Whether or not he is involved in the series in a writing capacity again remains to be seen, however.

The most notable renders and new music discovered hidden in the beta can be found in the following video, created by Gamecheat13:

Following a plea from a developer working on the game that he not leak or spoil too much information, the user vowed not to leak any story-specific details, instead sending details of the leak to development studio Creative Assembly so they are able to patch the files out of future updates.

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