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Nintendo Taps Into Old-School Library of Games

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far away… there was Atari and Nintendo. In the old days, video game consoles were a luxury that most homes could not afford. For many kids, the local hangout was the arcade with top video game titles like Street Fighter, The Terminator, and believe it or not, Pac-Man. Kids would eagerly gather their friends, and beat a hasty retreat to the local arcade and fast food store for burgers, fries and Coca-Cola. A lot has changed since then. Fortunately, video game developers realize that there is a market for the classic titles and they are not wasting any time bringing them back for an encore.

Nowadays, game players are adept at complex strategizing, tactical gameplay, and multiplayer functionality. The retro games of the ’80s and ’90s did not require such prowess. They were simple, yet highly enjoyable diversions from the monotony of everyday life. These games could instantly teleport you into a new realm where you were master of the universe. Games like Space Invaders allowed you to assume control of the last remaining defense system on the planet as you warded off a menacing force of relentless alien spacecraft. The game is rudimentary by today’s technological standards, perhaps even asinine. However, it is thoroughly enjoyable and wonderfully entertaining.

A Battle for Dominance of the Retro Gaming Scene

Space Invaders and Tanks were some of the more popular Atari games, and their legacy remains for all of us to enjoy. These games offered little in the form of audio-visual prowess, but once you plugged in that cartridge and grabbed the joystick, your TV became an entertainment station. Your bedroom became central command, and you were commander-in-chief of the finest armed forces in your world.


For the non-military-game players among us, there were more games than you could shake a stick at. These included the inimitable Pac-Man. This pill-gobbling little cretin moved in four directions – left, right, up or down. Pac-Man worked his way around a maze of obstructions and ghosts.

If Pac-Man swallowed a magic pill, he assumed superpowers for a short period of time and was able to gobble up the ghosts and advanced through to higher levels of the game. Pac-Man was followed up by Ms. Pac-Man. Designed expressly for the fairer sex, this entertaining game featured the typical Pac-Man emoji with a ribbon on her head. The usual symbols peppered the game including cherries, strawberries, pumpkins, pretzels, apples, pears, and bananas.

Are You Ready to Go Bananas?

Donkey Kong is one game that everybody from the 1980s onwards remembers. This immersive video game featured the giant gorilla ascending ladders, construction platforms and other trapeze stunts. Like King Kong, Donkey Kong also features a fair maiden.

There are many variants of Donkey Kong games, and the idea was fashioned off the creative genius of Shigeru Miyamoto back in 1981. The spinoffs from this game include Mario, Conker and Mario vs Donkey Kong among others. The purpose of the game is to see Mario through to the end so that he can rescue the kidnapped Princess. This throwback video game is full of surprises, and you will be dodging barrels, scrambling up ladders and performing acrobatics of note to complete your activities.


Action fans will be delighted with the return of old-school martial arts titles in Street Fighter 2 Turbo. This Super Nintendo Entertainment System game is everything you enjoyed about the old-school version, with plenty of fanfare. The turbo version of the game makes Street Fighter 2 much more enjoyable for players. Learn the moves before you bust a groove with Street Fighter 2. Big kicks, powerful punches, and pulse-pounding action characterize this game. Another similar game with equal excitement is Streets of Rage 2. Fashioned off the same concept as Street Fighter, this entertaining game will teach you what it means to give your opponents a solid beatdown.

Cash in with Bingo or Monopoly

Another terrific old-school game making a comeback is bingo. It’s not your grandma’s bingo anymore – these bingo games are played fast and furious with fun-filled entertainment thrown in. You get to experience a mesmerizing selection of bingo cards and bingo games (75 ball and 90 ball bingo) at the click of a button. Watch out for those progressive jackpot bingo games since they can get pretty big in no time at all. Various exciting bingo games are available on Nintendo, including the Bingo Collection and the Bingo Party Deluxe

The fantastic game of Monopoly is now available for Nintendo Switch. This is arguably the world’s #1 favourite family board game, and now it has returned in an enticing video game format. What’s great about the new age Monopoly game is that it can be enjoyed in 3D. As you navigate from one square to the next, 3D boards take shape before your eyes. As you unlock tokens, you enjoy additional surprises. The multiplayer functionality of the game allows up to six players to compete.

Don’t worry too much about authenticity – it’s pretty real; you even get to hear the rumbling sound of the dice in your hands. The Monopoly game features three unique boards, each in 3-D. These include haunted town, classic city or the amusement park. You get to live in a fabulous neighbourhood with unique characters all around you. The game is available in mobile or for your home TV – it’s your call. This is one game you will thoroughly enjoy if the board game was one of your favourites.

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