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Forefather of Slots

If you are a fan of this particular type of gaming, you most likely have at least one memory reminiscent of the name or logo of Sizzling Hot. It is a title that came to be when not many others were filling the casinos and has established a wide array of loyal players for itself over the years.

Consequently, the game presents itself as classic and not in the slightest convoluted and has won a reputable place first in land-based casinos, then, when the industry adapted itself to the web too, in online casinos as well.

Being a forefather of slots, it may seem like a rough foundation to which the genre has added and polished, resulting in other slots and modern games, new features and all that we can nowadays see in the very many variations of slot machines. However, a Deluxe version of this game is indeed available, just like with others, which mostly means updated graphics.

For one, the symbols are established and recognizable: fruits, a star as the SCATTER and a 7-icon as its highest-value one. Card symbols, though found in many titles of this type, are not present here. Then, the setup is using five reels and five paylines only, meaning that the number of possible variations and combos is smaller, but which could mean easier wins. In any case, the win-rate of this game is quite high as a result – one of the main reasons for this game’s good appeal to players.

Also different from most slots, SH does not feature such elements as a WILD symbol, a progressive jackpot or free spins. Still, it has not died out from both real and virtual casino places and continues to grant gamblers quality gaming moments.

More than anything, this slot machine game is not only a nostalgic piece of gambling history, but a material that stood at the base of the “construction” that the industry is nowadays, or an important pillar that helped build many other games and guided a lot of players through the ways of the one-arm bandits. Therefore, it will not mean wasted time when gamblers, new or avid, choose to have a go at it – on the contrary, they just might love the change of pace, the experience of going back to the roots of slots.

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