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Mobile Gaming Set to Impress This Year

Mobile Gaming

The gaming industry is continuing to evolve and innovate every year and in no area does this apply more than in mobile gaming – and this looks set to continue this year. By the end of 2021, it is estimated that the world will have 2.7 billion mobile gamers worldwide, so the scope of this market is massive.

This year and the next is going to see eSports and multiplayer games come to mobile, which will probably see games that are designed to be played in shorter bursts of 5-10 minutes. The eSports scene has always traditionally been based upon PC and console platforms, with games such as Dota 2 and League of Legends dominating the market. This looks set to change though, with mobile gaming looking to play an increasing role in this change. eSports and multiplayer games are in their infancy when it comes to mobile devices, but looking at the introduction to mobile devices of games such as Clash Royale and VainGlory it looks like there is going to be an upturn.

Professional gamers now exist thanks to eSports, seeing players compete for audiences and in tournaments has exploded over the past couple of years. This industry looks likely to be worth $1.5 billion by the end of the decade. The fact that more people around the world own a smartphone than a PC or console and the pick up and go nature of mobile gaming suggests that it really could help to propel eSports and multiplayer gaming forwards.

Innovation within real-time multiplayer looks set to really improve the mobile gaming experience, too. A lot of research and innovation is taking place on this front and technology has been developed based on determinism, which could change the face of multiplayer games on the mobile front.

Game developers are now using real-time data to improve games and mobile gaming will also see the benefit of this. The data is being used to track player behaviour and see what works within the games to improve them and create a better user experience.

Mobile gaming could also become the bridge in the realms of virtual reality and be somewhat of a middle ground for those gamers who want to experience it, but can’t afford the full blown expensive virtual reality experiences. Mobile gaming will become a way for a much wider audience to be reached in virtual reality gaming.

Mobile devices are however probably more suited to augmented reality with their high spec cameras and the fantastic visuals that can be conjured on the screens now. Mobile gaming is set to see development in the world of augmented reality and more games that work like Pokemon GO, only more advanced and with better graphics and gameplay moving forwards.

Mobile gaming has been in the shadow of its console and PC equivalents for a long time; however, this is going to change over the coming years due to new technological advances and connected features that can be taken advantage of in the mobile world. We have already seen the gaming industry embrace the platform, whether it may be fun games like Solitaire or Temple Run to casino games such as the ones available on the PartyCasino slots mobile responsive site. However, in the very near future, gamers will not just only be able to play their favourite games on the go, wherever they are; but it will be in an environment equal to or exceeding anyone’s expectations.

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