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Overwatch Hero Ashe Disappointing Compared to Brilliant Reveal

Overwatch Hero Ashe

Overwatch has a new hero, Ashe. The character was revealed in a new short a few days back and the character is available on the test servers (PTR) but not to everyone right now. You can expect the character to be released for everyone to check out in the upcoming weeks.

Overwatch Hero Ashe seemed like a close-up hero from what we saw in the animated short. I imagined that the character would be a female version of McCree but that is not the case. In reality, all of her attacks have pretty decent range. You can take a shot from medium to long range by aiming down sights.

Ashe uses a semi-automatic rifle that is called The Viper. The weapon can fire bullets pretty quickly but one of the downsides it that it takes a long time to reload. You can take a couple of quick shots from the hip but aiming down sights will give you more accuracy and will enable to you shoot further. Aiming down sights also reduced the rate of fire, which is something to keep in mind. It seems to be a trade-off to keep the character balanced.

Her ultimate move is BOB. Activating the ultimate will summon BOB. He will plant himself and start shooting enemies. It is impressive that he does have some decent range and can do decent damage as well. Pressing the left shift button enables the Coach Gun which does some damage but also has a knockback effect for both Ashe as well as the enemy that she hits. You can fire it downwards and lift yourself into the air.

Dynamite is another ability that Ashe can use. She throws some dynamite and you can let it rest till the fuse blows. An alternative to this is shooting the dynamite to trigger the explosion. The explosion causes damage but the enemies caught in the radius will also catch fire and take additional damage over time.

From the animated short, you would imagine that Overwatch Hero Ashe would be very powerful but that is not the case. While she does have some decent mobility, you still need to land a couple of shots in order to kill an enemy hero.

All in all, Overwatch hero Ashe has the knockback ability of Lucio and kind of has the range of Widow, but you need to be cautious about wasting shots because The Viper has 12 bullets and it takes a long time to reload the weapon.

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