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Microsoft Working to Avoid Dance Emote Lawsuits That Fortnite Faces

Forza Horizon 4 Microsoft

We talked about Fortnite being sued for the dance emotes that the game includes. The creators of these dance moves claim that Epic Games did not seek permission to use them in Fortnite. That was bound to happen, keeping in mind how popular the game is and that these creators are not getting any money out of it. Now it seems that other companies and developers are taking steps to avoid being sued.

Forza Horizon 4 is a completely different game compared to Fortnite but the two titles have some dance emotes in common, namely the Carlton and Floss dances. the Fresh Prince of Bel Air star Alfonso Ribeiro is already suing Epic Games for using the Carlton dance even though it is not called that in Fortnite.

Ribeiro is taking action against Epic Games and 2K. Even though Microsoft has not mentioned why these dance emotes have been removed in the latest update of Forza Horizon 4, seeing how Epic Games and 2K are under fire, it is not too hard to complete the picture. The Backpack Kid is the person that made the Floss dance mainstream and he is now taking legal action against Epic Games claiming that his dance has been used in Fortnite without his consent.

Fortnite has plenty of dance emotes and these are only a few. As people are coming up to take legal action against Epic Games, more people are raising their concerns and creators of other dance emotes are also coming into the limelight. It will be interesting to see what becomes of all this as Epic Games is under heavy fire.

On the bright side, Epic Games is working on competing with Steam by introducing the Epic Games Store. While this did not seem like a threat at first it is interesting to see what The Division 2 is coming to the new games store and skipping Steam. If Epic does have that kind of power then it might have a change against Steam.

Let us know what you think about these dance emotes being removed from Forza Horizon 4 and what you think Epic will do in order to deal with these lawsuits.

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