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Devil May Cry 5: Full In-Game History of the Franchise

Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry 5 is around the corner and it has been years since we got a proper Devil May Cry game. It is possible that you do not remember those events that led up to Devil May Cry 5 or you have not played all the games. Whatever the case is, here we are going to look into the events of the Devil May Cry franchise that lead up to Devil May Cry 5 in chronological order.

Events Of Devil May Cry In Chronological Order

Thousands of years ago there was a war between the human world and the demon world. The demon forces were lead by Mundus, the ruler of the underworld. As he launched his attack on the humans, another demon called Sparda stood up to defend the human world. Sparda was able to defeat Mundus and rules over the human world in secret in order to preserve the peace.

Sparda did this till his death and he was remembered as the Legendary Dark Knight. While he was maintaining peace, he fell in love with a human woman called Eva. With Eva Sparda had two twin sons called Dante and Vergil. Sparda gifted Eva the perfect amulet that could be split into two halves.

The two halves were then given to the two sons, Dante and Vergil on their birthday and their names were engraved on each half. Both pieces when together can be used to recover Sparda’s sword Forced Edge. It also acts as a key that opens the gates to the demon world. Unlocking the gates not only required the amulet but his blood and the blood of the priestess.

Devil May Cry 3

Years later, we find that Vergil and Dante have separated from each other and have taken different paths. Dante opens a shop where he can be contracted to take down demons. Sometime later, Arkham (who is working with Vergil) come to Dante, at his shop and offers him a challenge.  He disposes of the demons that arise and he steps outside his shop. He sees the tower that can be used to unlock the gates of hell rise up and sees Vergil on top.

Dante takes this as a challenge and starts his journey up the tower. On his way, he encounters all kinds of demons, defeats them, gains their souls and weapons and also meets Lady. On his journey, he also meets Jester, a being that resides in the tower that aids Dante on his journey.

We see Lady come across Arkham and we learn that he is Lady’s father. Dante finally reaches the top of the tower and faces off against Vergil who is very powerful indeed. Dante loses and Vergil takes Dante’s half of the amulet with him. Before he leaves Vergil stabs Dante with Rebellion (Dante’s sword). This awakens Dante’s demon powers and recovers him.

Vergil and Arkham try to escape and Dante tries to pursue them but is eaten by the leviathan that guards the tower. While Dante defeats the beast, Vergil and Arkham reach the control room of the tower. Once Arkham does his part, Vergil stabs him and leaves him to die. Dante makes his way to the control room as well.

Both fight against one another but find that they are equally matched. They weaken each other and open a window of opportunity. While both brothers are weak, Lady shows up and accuses Vergil of manipulating and using her father. Soon after jester arrives and reveals that he is actually Arkhan and has fooled everyone.

Arkham wanted Sparda’s power for himself and tricking the two brothers was his plan all along. He then stabs Lady to get her blood and reveals that she is actually a descendant of the priestess who was used to lock the gates of hell. The platform rises, Vergil goes missing, Dante and Lady head up to the tower yet again. Arkham, at the top of the tower, opens the portal to the demon world and goes through in order to gain access to the power of Sparda.

Dante enters into the demon world and finds that Arkham has indeed gained Sparda’s power. Both fight and it turns out that Sparda’s power is too much for Arkham to handle. He explodes into what can be described as an ugly and horrifying monster. This turns out to be too much for Dante but Vergil comes to his aid and both brothers join forces to take on Arkham and defeat him.

Arkham is transported to the top of the tower in the human world where Lady delivers the killing blow. Back in the demon world, Dante and Vergil fight each other for the right to their father’s power. Dante wins this battle and the portal starts to close. Vergil decides to stay in the demon world but Dante comes back to the human world.

Dante and Lady have a short moment and Dante names his shot Devil May Cry. We see Vergil, in the demon world we see Vergil try to go up against Mundus.

Devil May Cry (The Original Game)

Trish goes to Dante’s shop and tells him that Mundus has escaped from the demon realm and is now in the human world. Dante sees that Trish looks like his dead mother. Both go to the island where Trish claims Mundus will be. Once there he finds Vergil who has been corrupted by Mundus. Vergil does not know who Dante is and both fight with one another.

Vergil almost defeats Dante and is about to kill him when he sets his eyes in Dante’s half of the amulet. This creates a conflict in his mind and he leaves Dante alive. Dante makes his way through the island and kills some demons on the way. He comes across Vergil again and is able to defeat him this time. Vergil is forced to retreat and disappear.

Vergil faces off against Dante for the third time and Dante is able to defeat him. This time Dante takes the other half of the amulet. Dante uses the now complete amulet to gain access to Sparda’s sword and we learn that Trish was actually created by Mundus and that she is going to kill him.

Trish lures Dante into a trap and later when Trish is about to be killed, Dante saves her. Dante tells her that she looked like his mother and that is why he saved her. Dante faces off against Mundus and sees that Mundus is about to sacrifice Trish. While Dante is distracted by Trish, Mundus launches an attack and weakens Dante. While Dante is down, Mundus tries to go for the killing blow but Trish comes in the way and takes the hit.

Mundus reveals himself. Dante leaves his sword and amulet with Trish and Mundus comes back from the demon world to take on Dante. Dante does not have the amulet or his sword, so things are not looking great. Trish appears out of nowhere and lends Dante her power. Dante is able to send Mundus back to hell and Mundus claims that he will return to take revenge. The island stars falling apart, Trish and Dante have a moment and then fly away in a plane.

We see that Dante has renamed the shop to Devil Never Cry and Trish joins the shop to work with Dante.

Devil May Cry 4

In Devil May Cry 4 we are introduced to a new character, Nero, who is a holy knight in the Order of the Sword. It has been confirmed that Nero is Vergil’s son. We see Nero rushing to see his girl (Kyrie) performing an opera piece. On his way, he encounters a couple of demons. He makes quick work of them and reaches the performance before the performance is over.

After the opera performance, the priest of the order starts his speech and we see Dante break in and headshot the priest. This creates chaos and people start running around. Nero witnesses all this and jumps in. Nero and Dante fight one another. We learn that Dante has been keeping an eye on Nero which could mean that Dante knows of Nero’s heritage.

Dante explains that they both are demons and that The Order of the Sword is not real and is actually run by demons as well. Nero does not understand and Dante slips away. Nero is assigned to hunt down Dante and he sets off to do just that. On his way, he kills some demons. He also meets a new member of the order called Gloria. We learn that Gloria is a highly trusted member of the order as she brought them Sparda’s sword. We also learn that the holy priest that Dante killed is being fused with demon souls in order to bring him back to life.

Agnus, the scientist that unfused the demon souls to bring back the holy priest traps Nero and tries to take his demonic powers. Nero gets stabbed by a couple of knights. We find Vergil’s sword Yamato in front of Nero which Agnus has been using to power his operations. In his moment of need, the broken shards of Yamato come together and the sword gifts itself to Nero. Nero gets a power boost and we see Vergil’s shadow over Nero.

Nero has now learned the truth and seeing how Nero has turned against the order, the order charges Gloria with the responsibility of hunting down Dante. Nero faces off against Kyrie’s brother who also has been infused with demon souls. Nero easily wins but Kyrie shows up and is kidnapped by Agnus.

Nero goes after Kyrie and faces off against Dante to decide who keeps Yamato. Dante wins but lets Nero keep the sword. Gloria shows up and it turns out that she is Trish in a disguise. Nero reaches the resurrected priest and the giant statue of Sparda that was used to kill demons. Nero is tricked and absorbed into the statue. Nero is used to power the statue as it uses Sparda’s blood. Agnus uses Yamato to open the gates of hell.

Dante starts his quest to destroy the hell games and faces off against Agnus. Dante defeats Agnus and takes Yamato and takes on the Sparda statue that is being controlled by the holy priest. Dante realizes that the statue cannot be destroyed from the outside and throws Yamato into the statue where it gets reunited with Nero and awakes him. Nero goes to the heart of the statue and faces off against the holy priest. Nero kills the priests and we see Nero and Kyrie have a moment. Back at Devil May Cry, Dante, Trish and Lady continue to work together.

Devil May Cry 2

Lucia is inside a museum and is getting an arcana that is stored there. Dante enters through the roof. Both part ways and Dante meets up with her again in time to save her life when her mother’s house explodes. We learn that Lucia’ mother helped Sparda and that she needs Dante’s help.

She wants Dante to defeat Arius who is going to unleash Argus The Chaos who was once a powerful demon king. Dante agrees to help. Lucia confronts Arius and it turns out that Lucia is a demon that Arius created. She then is conflicted for a while and later meets up with Dante. She gives Dante an arcana and goes to kill Arius. Dante meets her mother who wants him to save Lucia as she thinks Lucia will fail. Lucia does fail and Dante fights Arius. Dante is given a choice to either save Lucia or kill Arius. He goes with saving Lucia and then interrupts Arius during an immortality ritual.

Dante kills Arius and meets up with Lucia. She asks him to kill her. While they are talking a beam of light shoots to the sky and a portal to hell is open. Dante goes to hell. In hell, Dante kills the partially summoned Argus and in the human world it turns out that Arius is not dead and that he has returned in demon form. The portal back to the human world closes and Dante is stranded in hell. We see Lucia wait patiently for Dante to come back.

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  • andrewsqual

    Devil May Cry was an awesome game that came out of nowhere and blew people away with how awesome and cool it was. Then the sequel came out that wasn’t that good. Then a parody of what some people think Devil May Cry was came out called DMC3 trying to be cool and failing in every single way.

    And that is what the franchise has been trying to do since………………… and yes, the Ninja Theory one DMC is the exact same thing too with a slightly different douchey looking Dante as DMC3 lol.