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The 5 Best Switch eShop Games in February 2019


This list contains 5 of the best Switch games available to buy on the Switch eShop.


Celeste is a touching platformer by Towerfall developer MattMakesGames. Journey with Madeline as she climbs Celeste mountain and discovers strange happenings on the way.

Celeste achieves the sought-after balance in gameplay and story that so many developers and players want. This game prides itself on its fluid gameplay. The simple dash mechanic advances throughout the game, as the player is tested with new obstacles in a way that feels natural and challenging.

The story is moving and relatable in some way for almost everyone, the protagonist Madeline’s self-doubts and anxiety are represented in a way most can understand and resonate with.

Recommended if you like:

Platformers, story-driven games, challenging gameplay

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a charming game. The visuals are beautiful, the soundtrack is beautiful, and the foundations of its story are too.

Farming, mining, fishing, combat, and building relationships with other town members – Stardew Valley has it all. Each of these skill areas is fully fleshed out. The player is free to choose if they wish to explore all aspects or only one. This allows for many different styles of play.

Despite its simple first impressions as another farming/life simulator, Stardew Valley follows an interesting storyline, as there is more than meets the eye going on. A big company – the ‘Joja Corporation’ – are taking over this simple town with their new supermarket ‘Joja Mart’. The company threatens the simplicity of the town, and want to bring back the cold order of capitalism that you came here to escape. This just scratches the surface of the story to avoid spoilers.

The game is more suited to Switch as you’ll probably want to play it everywhere, all the time.

Multiplayer on Switch launched just at the end of 2018 as well, allowing friends to stay in up to 3 cabins per player on your farm, allowing for 4 player co-op. The game also received a recent update which seems to fix frame rate issues with complex and massive farms.

Recommended if you like:

Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, Minecraft, RPGs, farming simulators

Overcooked 2

It’s no surprise to most that Overcooked 2 left The Game Awards with ‘Best Family Game’ in 2018. Overcooked oozes fun – particularly in 4 player couch co-op. In recent years couch co-op has not been the focus of many games, and although overcooked 2 supports online multiplayer (which is still really fun) the game thrives in a living room setting.

Overcooked 2 takes the best aspects of the first game and adds new aspects that change a lot of how the game functions. Some levels are now ‘active’ as they change and develop as the game goes on. This is similar to the moving aspects from the first games which would relocate or limit access to areas, but, this sometimes means moving to an entirely new kitchen, to make completely different recipes. These changes ensure chaos, as just when the players get comfortable the levels fight back.

A new mechanic has also been introduced allowing you and your friends to throw ingredients to each other and into pots and pans etc.

The game has a whole host of new characters, and a large number of levels to play as them on – including some free and paid DLC.

The DLC all follows a similar linear structure with the objective to 3-star each level but adds interesting twists and fun new recipes.

Recommended if you like:

Fun! Party games, Co-op, Overcooked


Minecraft is likely a game which requires no prior explanation or introduction.

Available on almost every platform, Minecraft is one of those instant classics which – love it or hate it – undeniably shifted the gaming world. Minecraft introduced a lot of younger gamers to the term sandbox through the games desirable sense of freedom.

Mine, craft, build, farm, fish, cook, and more.

Night in the Woods

Night in the Woods takes place in Possum springs and follows of the journey of Mae, a recent college dropout.

Night in the Woods unique style and characters are memorable.

Night in the Woods – created by Infinite Fall.

Fairly short – around 10 hours but there are many reasons to replay.

The gameplay consists of travelling around this 2D town and adventuring with friends.


Gris may just be the most beautiful game available on the Switch.

For around 4 hours, Gris will demand your attention and blow you away with its visuals.

The story is open to interpretation.

Recommended if you like:

Visually stunning games, Short Indies, Journey, Monument Valley

More Great Switch Eshop Games:

Hollow Knight

Hyper Light Drifter

Shovel Knight

Cave Story


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