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Borderlands 3 Leak Reveals Story and Characters Information

Borderlands 3 leaks are pretty common and we don’t really give them much thought. However, this one seems legit and matches previous information that we have got from sources and reports. The leak has been removed but has been reposted on Reddit and that is why people still have access to it.

The Borderlands 3 leak mentions that the upcoming game is set 5 years after the events of Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel. The game’s hub is supposed to be a Crimson Raiders spaceship which will be hovering between planets. This means that players could explore planets other than Pandora in Borderlands 3.

Talking about NPC, Handsome Jack and Patricia Tannis will be part of the game. Rhys will be coming . back as the new CEO of Atlas. Tina will be back and will now be an adult since a lot of time has passed since the last game. You can expect to see other characters as well, in one form or the other.

Talking about characters and classes, we have a beastmaster called Flak that will be able to summon and control different beasts. This should be very interesting indeed. Furthermore, we have a gunner class that will be able to summon a giant mech. We will also be treated to a stealth/assassin class that will be like Batman, from what we know. This character should be an interesting addition to the game as well.

From what we see there are going to be a couple of characters and options that you can explore. You should be able to find a character that matches your play style, so you need not worry. The siren will also be part of the game but will focus on damage rather than healing. It will be interesting to see how this is implemented when Borderlands 3 becomes a reality.

Let us know what you think about Borderlands 3 and whether or not you are interested in playing the game when it comes out.