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Why WWE 2K20 Could Be a Breakout Title for the Series

WWE 2K20: Brock Lesnar

Probably one of the bigger releases on the calendar this year, WWE 2K20 has longtime fans worried about what we might get.

That’s because the devs are under a lot of pressure to both update the core gameplay and also transform the game into some kind of eSports sensation. Meanwhile, the rest of us are just hoping that the controls get updated and playing online with friends becomes easier.

Yet there’s a lot of reasons to believe that WWE 2K20 could be the breakout title that the series needs. Why would that be, exactly? Mainly because the dynamics of video games have changed so much over the past year, and the pressures of keeping up with the times will probably result in a bolder addition to the WWE game library.

It’s really hard to understate just how much of an impact eSports is having on everything. On top of this, devs are really angling to attract the attention of streamers and that influencer group. These two trends will probably combine in an updated game that welcomes newcomers and streamlines online play. At least that is the hope. But it is almost a necessity at this point.

First, the contextual controls that have dominated WWE games needs to go. This stuff just doesn’t cut it in the world of streaming games. Streamers like to be able to predict what they’re doing so that they can show off their mastery of the game. As anyone who has used contextual controls can tell you, sometimes you look like you know what you’re doing but usually, your character looks like they are stroking out for no reason.

Moving beyond that, we think that WWE 2K20 not only has a huge incentive to improve core gameplay mechanics but also to push the game as a service. Most games are moving in this direction, and it isn’t because it is the best for consumers.

Publishers can make a ton of money if they rope gamers in early. This drip-feed approach is taking over every genre, but it often results in a better initial product than you might realise. Because, if WWE 2K20 is garbage out of the gate, the publisher can shelve any plans for monetising that property over the next year.

Outside of video games, the WWE is experiencing some of its biggest growth in decades. This, too, will put pressure on WWE 2K20 to be a triple-A blockbuster title that can keep an audience enraptured until the next game comes out. Interestingly, a lot of this expansion is coming from international audiences. That’s why we think that WWE 2K20, more than previous entries, will seek to rope in this new audience that the namesake brand is attracting with its television matches.

But who knows where this is all going. Everything has been so airtight and secret as far as the development of WWE 2K20 has been concerned that it’s nearly impossible to predict what they have in store for us. Consensus among fans, however, is quite clear: WWE 2K20 needs to make quality-of-life improvements or risk becoming irrelevant.

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  • kepzilla

    they need to go back to the best, PS2 WWE SmackDown Here Comes the Pain, and start over from there.