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Old School Runescape Treasure Trails Clue Hints

Runescape Old School

A long time ago, Jagex added scavenger hunting to the list of possible activities you can do in OSRS. The Treasure Trails expansion brought clue scrolls to the game, and players can follow them to hidden treasures. It was only available for premium users, at least until April 2019. An expansion to this feature brings beginner scrolls so free-to-play users and beginners can also enjoy it. It also added new rewards which are good sources for OSRS gold if you decide to sell them. They’re also pretty good on their own if you decide to keep and use them instead. So if you’re stuck on any of them, here are some tips to help you solve the clues. This article is for those who want a hint, not for those who want the answer spoon-fed to them.


Anagrams are jumbled up names of NPCs. Rearrange the letters to get the name of the character you need to talk to. You’ll get the next clue once you’ve talked to them. As an example, ‘solemn’ is an anagram of ‘lemons’ or ‘melons’.

Challenge Scrolls

These scrolls present a logic puzzle for players. They mostly involve math, but can sometimes be simple as counting or checking the price of an item. You might have to use a calculator or research about what you need to count.

Cipher Clues

Ciphers are codes made by adding a layer of ciphers into the message. As an example, ‘fybnqmf’ is the word ‘example’ by shifting the letters a step forward. It may take some trial and error to find the correct key. All of them should result in the name of an NPC, which should help you in decoding these.

Coordinate Clues

You’re given coordinates to a certain location where the treasure or next clue is buried. You can use a sextant, chart, or watch to get your current coordinates, but it’s not required. It requires a spade, however, so you can dig up the item. Be careful, as hard and elite versions of this clue would spawn battle encounters when you try digging at the correct coordinates.

Cryptic/Simple Clues

These two are almost the same; the difference is how subtle the clue is. On the simple side, it could be as mundane as searching for stuff or digging at certain locations, as well as talking to NPCs. Harder difficulty clues may need an additional action, namely finding keys or completing puzzle boxes.

Emote Clues

They’ll ask you to go to a certain place, wear some equipment, and do certain actions through emotes. If done correctly, an NPC, Uri, will appear to give you the next clue or reward. However, there are occasions when you have to do another before talking to him. He won’t leave if you forget, giving you the chance to do the second emote. There may also be fights when doing these clues.

Light Boxes

As you talk to NPCs, they might give a light box. The goal is to light all of the lights on the box. The lights are arranged in a 5×5 grid, and there are 8 switches that turn them on or off. It is necessary to solve the box, as the NPC who gave it will not give the next clue until it’s solved.

Map Clues

These are the good ol’ treasure maps, where x marks the spot. There are landmarks you can use to find the locations. Sometimes, they’ll lead you to crates which must be searched, but otherwise, you’ll have to dig. Remember to bring a shovel!

Puzzle Boxes

Similar to Light Boxes, NPCs will sometimes give them to players. However, instead of lights, players have to arrange the pieces to form an image. Shift the pieces around by sliding them into the one empty space on the box. When it’s complete, talk to the NPC again to get the next clue. You can reset by closing the box. If you’d like a different puzzle, destroy the one you have and talk to the NPC again.

Fairy Ring Clues

Fairy Ring clues say which fairy ring you should use, as well as the steps you need to take in a certain direction. There are four numbers representing the four cardinal directions. The first number notes the steps you need to take northward, the second eastward, the third southward and the fourth westward. So if the numbers go 8 5 6 3, you need to take 8 steps north, 5 steps east, 6 steps south, and 3 steps west from the fairy ring.

Get Those Treasures!

Now that you have your hints, go and continue your treasure hunting! No treasure is worth the trouble if you don’t break a sweat for it. However, there’s also no shame in just looking for the answer. Whichever way you get to the end of the trail, all the game asks is that you enjoy the journey.

Have fun!

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