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Microsoft Opens Xbox One’s Live Network to Cross-Play Support on PC and PS4

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The Xbox One Live online network is going to have cross-play support on PC thanks to the Psyonix’s sports game, Rocket League. Microsoft plans to provide cross-play support across online multiplayer networks, Windows 10 and possibly PlayStation 4. Cross-platform gaming has been a dream until recent times. It is still hard to believe that brands like Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony can connect to play a single game.

Thanks to games like Minecraft, Rocket League, and Fortnite, these gaming competitors have realized that gameplay across various platforms is beneficial for all of them. Although, Sony realized this late last year. From this perspective, it is clear that this is beneficial for the future of gaming and there is a lot in store for players in the coming years. It has the potential to increase the pool of players. This way, you won’t have any trouble finding a match online. Besides, it also allows you to play your favourite games with friends on their consoles.

There is no doubt that a lot of consoles like Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, PCs, and even mobile devices are integrating the crossover support feature. The evolution gained momentum thanks to the commercial success of games like Fortnite, Dauntless, and Apex Legend. Dauntless has embraced the cross-play feature and is surging to be the first game to have full cross-platform support on launch. Two others, Fortnite and Rocket League, also follow suit on the full cross-platform feature evolution. These three games are the only games that support full crossplay across all gaming platforms. The platforms include Fortnite on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and mobile, Dauntless on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and Rocket League on Xbox One, Switch, PC, PS4. Other games like Minecraft and Hero Siege are tagging along and following the trend of crossplay on some platforms. Even the embargos on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare have been lifted and it will now have cross-play support on Xbox One, PS4, and PC when it launches on October 25.

2019 has become a year of crossover news and it does not stop at just console devices. Sony has done well to embrace the cross-play feature and had added a cross-generation play gameplay feature between PS4 and PS5 called the backward compatibility. This feature allows will allow PS5 gamers the opportunity to combat PS4 gamers, but do not expect the same quality of graphics from the two devices. Another potential crossover is from Netflix. At the E3 2019 convention, Netflix announced that it is planning a Fortnite crossover with Stranger Things. Those that are familiar with the season 9 of Fortnite would have noticed the Scoops Ahoy ice cream parlour in the mall in Fortnite. This confirms that there is most likely going to be a Stranger Things-themed cosmetic bundle or limited time mode in the free-to-play battle royale of Fortnite. It is not surprising as the battle royale mode has seen crossovers with Avengers: Endgame, John Wick 3, and even Nike Air Jordans.

Microsoft is also doing its best to storm the gaming industry and is making its presence felt across all gaming devices mobile devices. Since mobile devices are becoming major players in the gaming industry, there is no doubt that Microsoft is going to use mobile devices to broaden their horizons. Combining their new SDK, which enables players to communicate with one another, and other streaming services like Project xCloud gives Microsoft a chance to tap into something bigger than we would imagine. Microsoft’s move into the gaming industry shows that Android and IOS implementation is becoming more crucial for developers that want to go into the mobile gaming space. The Android platform is more receptive to most gaming features than iOS devices and we are going to see more updated guidelines on both platforms. Apple recently modified its iOS guidelines and it was announced Apple’s WWDC 19 conference. The new guidelines ensure that new gaming apps are native to the iOS platform and the apps will no longer accept the usage of real money. This means that developers now have to make individual standalone game versions for each mobile platform.

Epic game founder and CEO Time Sweeney recently praised cross-play with its Sony and Microsoft collaboration but cross-play supports comes with its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are felt more on the consumer side as it allows friends to play together regardless of the device or console used. Cross-play increases the longevity of the console, as games last longer if they are used frequently and It increases competition between players as there are no console-based restrictions. Players would spend more time on their games as there are no limits. The manufacturers and distributors deal with cross-play disadvantages due to the drastic drop in console sales. There is a strong tendency of players comparing consoles for graphics and features, and console brands might begin to select whom to partner with and cause diversion. The pros of cross-play platform support outweigh the cons, you better believe it when we say that this feature is here to stay and will become standard in all multiplayer games.

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