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How Have Slots Contributed to the Rise in iGaming?

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The iGaming industry has come along leaps and bounds since its inception in 1999. Reports from 2018 show that the revenue for the sector grew 13.7% on the previous year, accounting for £5.4 billion of the total gross gambling yield of the UK. Granted, gaming has changed considerably since iGaming broke through and the gaming landscape is more conducive to iGaming succeeding – but why has it risen so much?

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The Rise of iGaming

The main reason for the rise in iGaming is how well developers have listened to what audiences want to play. From themes related to what’s popular and franchised games to games that take advantage of current gaming trends, iGaming has followed the general gaming industry to bring audiences games that they want to play. The popularity of mobile gaming has also led to the rise in iGaming. It has been reported that more than half of all iGaming takes place on mobiles – with 51% of online casino being played on smartphones. The processing power of our mobiles as well as the changing nature of how we play these games have led to this boom. People want hyper-casual gaming, and online casino offers exciting and tense games that can be played quickly during downtime, commutes, or whilst waiting around. Perhaps inspired by Twitch, the advent of live streaming dealers for games such as poker, baccarat, blackjack and roulette shows iGaming’s commitment to the latest technology and that the industry is determined to show players that it is determined to be at the cusp of what gaming can offer.

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The Popularity of Online Slots

Online slots are one of the most popular aspects of iGaming and provide a hotbed of technological advancements and trends that audiences want to see. Video slots helped the popularity of online slots – especially those which tied into popular trends, such as the series of Batman slots. 3D slots are also in the pipeline, allowing players to get involved with a new gaming technology, taking from what was once exclusive to handheld consoles. Often, iGaming is able to trial out new technology that could then be applied to gaming overall – and slots frequently are the guinea pigs for this. Online slots developers also work with the sites that provide these games to make the offering appealing. This includes welcome offers and free spins, which help players settle into a site without too much commitment. With no wagering requirements for many of these welcome offers, players are able to properly investigate a site and decide to choose one based on their slots offering. Online slots are a perfect example of the hyper-casual gaming that has become popular and can offer something to players both on desktop and mobile that is at the cutting edge of gaming technology.

iGaming’s success looks to continue as 2019 progresses, building on its past successes and looking towards the future of gaming technology to take advantage of what players want to engage with. Online slots are a large part of this success as they represent the type of gameplay that players take well to and the kind of thematic games that players want to play.

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