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Is Overwatch Coming to the Switch?

With visuals reminiscent of a Pixar movie and no gore to speak of, Overwatch, the highly popular hero-based first-person shooter from Blizzard Entertainment, seems like a perfect fit for Nintendo’s hybrid console, and it appears as though the announcement may be just around the corner.

In a since-deleted listing, an officially licensed Overwatch case from PowerA for the Switch was shown. The case sported the orange and grey/black colour scheme Overwatch has become known for as well as the Overwatch logo on the outer shell and on a small tag inside the case. Other cases like this exist for marquee Nintendo franchises such as Mario.

The listing was only live for a couple of minutes before being taken down again, fuelling speculation that the listing was to be held off on until closer to this year’s BlizzCon in November, as this is where Blizzard is known to make most, if not all of their big announcements. While there is also potential that the announcement could come in the form of a Nintendo Direct, with one being due next month instead of the two and a half months’ wait until BlizzCon. Or if push comes to shove, the announcement could be made at PAX West which starts this coming Friday.

Luckily, a user on Twitter managed to screengrab the case to prove that it actually exists even after the listing was taken down, with those images being below as well as a link to the original tweet by user Wario64.

With three potential announcement dates, I think it is only a matter of time before Diablo is met on the Switch by Overwatch, and with two games on the Switch is there a possibility that Blizzard could port even more games over? I think it is likely that before too long we will see Hearthstone and potentially even StarCraft make their way over to a Nintendo platform. As much as I would like to see World of Warcraft on consoles I don’t think that is ever going to happen.

Overwatch Switch Case Leak InteriorOverwatch Switch Case Leak Outer Shell

Overwatch Switch Case Leak Interior 2Overwatch Switch Case Leak

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