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12 Mortal Kombat Characters We’re Unlikely To See Again

Mortal Kombat 11 recently dropped a DLC pack containing several guest characters from movies and comic books to engage in brutality with its roster.

As Mortal Kombat becomes increasingly big budget and advanced there are less spots open on its roster. Therefore only exciting new characters and proven fan favorites are able to gain a spot. We’re unlikely to ever see a Mortal Kombat game that doesn’t feature the likes of characters like Scorpion and Sub-Zero, but we’re confident the below list of 12 are gone for good. Fatality.


This guy was dull as dishwater. In Mortal Kombat 4 he had a similar move set and backstory to fan favorite Kano but none of that villain’s diabolical charisma. Kano is a cockroach that, via brute force or his devious nature, always manages to evade justice and become a valued henchman of MK’s latest ‘big bad’. Jarek was a new character for new characters sake and absolutely no creativity went into his design whatsoever. It’s reasonable to assume that early in development he started out as a palette swap for Kano and eventually morphed into Jarek. He should have just stayed as Kano.


Like Liu Kang and Kung Lao, Kai was a shaolin monk who had joined the good guys to help fight Mortal Kombat 4’s villain Shinnok. And that’s pretty much it. He helped, but made absolutely no impact on the fan base and has not been seen since besides cameos. Thanks though Kai!


Mavado was another character introduced just for the sake of a new character. Even worse he lazily replaced a fan favorite; Kabal and was given his move set and legendary hooksword weapons. Where Kabal was a disfigured former cop, turned vigilante anti-hero who waged war on an army invading Earth, Mavado was just a bit of a gangster douche. In Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance he allegedly killed Kabal and joined the villainous titular Alliance. Luckily the developers saw sense and allowed Kabal to come back, kill Mavado and reclaim his hookswords in between MK: Deadly Alliance and MK: Deception. This all happened off-screen too, which is more than Mavado deserved.

Hsu Hao

The henchman of Mavado in MK: Deadly Alliance, he actually had a fairly unique design and interesting wrestling fighting style. He even made much more of an impact than Mavado, by using a nuclear bomb to kill a bunch of innocent people and got chased into Outworld by the heroes. The problem was nobody liked him. So as a result we’ve not seen him since. He did appear in MK: Armageddon, but so did every other MK character so it’s not really an achievement.


This Oni creature from Outworld actually looked pretty cool. Although his special moves consisted of throwing flies at people. Because he was gross and that was his thing. He had a creepy mask too, which helped him to stand out. Sadly his move set was boring which made him dull to play as. But he was fun to fight against. In the story he and his buddy Moloch got to put a pretty savage beat down on MK stalwart Scorpion, although Ol’ Scorps managed to get the last laugh.


Drahmin’s much larger buddy Moloch actually served as the big monster boss character of MK: Deadly Alliance, following in the footsteps of characters like Goro. These turned out to be pretty big boots to fill and Moloch didn’t have what it took when compared to other boss characters. His design was intimidating enough but his move set was just smacking enemies with a big boulder in 5 different ways. Boring and slightly laughable which took away from the beasties overall threat.


The only thing memorable about this character in MK: Deception was her big white hat. At least she looked unique. She was a demon. Or an Oni. She was something.


Did the developers run out of names? This guy was another bland character introduced in MK: Deception. He was an assassin with a big tattoo on his forehead. He was hired to by another rubbish character on this list to kill an even worse character beneath him.


Budget Johnny Cage who hired Dairou to kill Hotaru. That’s about it.


Hotaru was supposed to be the personification of Order. He instead just became the personification of Dullness. From his unimaginative name, bland character design and sheer unlikeability as a character, it’s no wonder we’ve not seen him since Mortal Kombat Deception. He was just no fun. It’s a shame too because his counterpart Havik, who represented Chaos was an interesting addition to the series and foil for Hotaru


Kira was recruited by Kabal when he decided to rebuild an assassin organisation called the Black Dragon. In MK: Deception, Kabal thought bringing Kira and the other recruit along with him to fight against the Dragon King Onaga would be an excellent training experience. Kira was more interesting than her fellow recruit but had absolutely no charisma when compared to all the other female characters on the roster.


This blonde martial artist dude was the second of Kabal’s Black Dragon recruits. He eventually had to fight Kira in a battle to the death after the defeat of the Dragon King. Kobra’s mentor Kabal has appeared in 4 MK games since this but neither of his recruits have been seen since. Perhaps neither of them made the cut.

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  • TheSneakyLizard

    I agree with Hsu Hao, but the others deserve another chance.