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PS5 Release Window Announced

Sony has revealed through their PlayStation blog that their next console the PlayStation 5 will be released during holiday 2020. They have also confirmed will be released in time for Christmas that year.

Snippets of information have been flowing in for months regarding the PS5 with some reports claiming we may see it in 2019 to others suggesting 2021 and beyond. We expect the console will arrive by the end of November next year, purely speculation, but that would mean it’s marketing would be ideally placed in the run up to Christmas.

So far we know a few details:

  • The controller will be updated and feature haptic sensory rumbling (like the Nintendo Switch has).
  • It will be backwards compatible with PS4 games.
  • It will feature advanced ray-tracing technology.
  • The hard drive will be a Solid State Drive instead of a HDD.
  • 4K and VR will be have more focus.

Sony have done things a little but differently this time around. Last time when they announced the PS4 they held a large event and told us everything we needed to know, then weirdly didn’t show us what it looked like.

Let’s see what happens this time.